lala post zero

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Hello, this is the start of an idea, as most live art is.

After a gathering in Perth with pvi collective at their symposium “this is the time… this is the record of the time…” discussions between artists seemed to be leading towards a way to connect artists living in separate states who shared a simlar practice or language.

With a regular blog and a monthly mailing list, lala aims to generate discussion, keep artists informed with goings on and raise the profile of the live arts in Australia.

lala is maintained by me, Martyn Coutts, but will rely on artists in other centres writing, calling or sending me smoke signals to tell me about whats happening. (I am super keen to meet some Brisbane live artists as things seem to be really cooking up there!)

Also, if there are burning questions, or discussion points that you have for an audience then send them to me and I will post them on your behalf.


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