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lala talked with Willoh S. Weiland about Pie, a participatory live art project programmed into Primavera 2009 by curator Jeff Khan for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Pie asked contemporary artists to sit down with a member of the general public and talk about their work. If the member of the general public wasn’t happy with their explanation then they could throw a Pie in their face. If they got along then they could choose to sit down and share the pie with them.

lala – The Pie has a lot of connotations in film history as a device of slapstick and gentle ridicule. So why the pie?

pie 1

lala – Pie started as a project which was part of This Is Not Art Festival in October, 2008 in Newcastle and this year was at the MCA in Sydney, what were the differences in the project?

pie 2

lala – The MCA and the Primavera exhibition are quite progressive in their programming yet it seemed like it was quite a challenge for them to get their heads around the idea of a once weekly performance?

Pie 3

Pie was a work by Spat and Loogie (Kat Barron and Lara Thoms) and Willoh S.Weiland. Performed 5 times over the course of the Primavera exhibition at the MCA, Sydney 2009.
Spat and Loogie are a Sydney based artistic duo
Willoh S.Weiland is an artist and curator living in Melbourne.

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