Next Wave Festival 2010

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Next Waves ‘genre-busting’ bi-line probably allows the majority of its fifty projects fit under the banner of live art. Next Wave has encouraged some very ambitious projects exploring the theme of ‘NO RISK TOO GREAT’, with an emphasis on unusual spaces and unique audience experiences. Some of the most intriguing include:

Imbroglio City (unit 1)
Perched on the top of Melbourne Central, this architectural oddity houses a warm bathing experience for six audience members at a time. Bring your best swimwear to find reprieve from the always accumulating junk-space that thrives below.

Hi Vis Dandy
Aussie work wear and haute couture collide on Melbourne streets – a performative installation using powerful industrial sewing machines and tightly tailored orange vests, to consider masculinity.

Tape Projects – 100 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Globe
You will be picked up and taken on a journey to the new frontier of understanding. The surprise venue is extraordinary, and this important collective of artists have created a powerful combination of new media, sound and live performance to explore.

Fun Run
A durational performance of excess and spectacle looking at our fitness obsessed culture. Tristan Meecham will run for five hours on a treadmill whilst over 200 sports people perform around him at city square. Watch him attempt to control the situation as his the sweat starts to pour breathing gets heavy.

I Thought A Musical Was Being Made
Become a headphone wearing observer of this site-specific performance
as you watch from windowsills far above the street, a ‘self-help’ audio guide will take you on a musical journey through the things we tell ourselves to make us feel better. A work about what we have witnessed and what we choose to believe it might have been.

Sports Club
Artists take over the MCG! Enough said.

Dachshund U.N.
Bennet Miller will construct a scale replica of a former U.N. office in Switzerland, at the Melbourne Museum plaza. Each Saturday afternoon, this structure will play host to a meeting of the U.N.’s Commission on Human Rights, wherein all 47 of the national delegates are live dachshunds, or ‘sausage dogs’.

Other works to look out for: And Then Something Fell On My Head: Live Choreographed fallings objects, I’m Fine: site-specific response to a mental health centre, Sugar Coated, Explicit gendered performance by visual artist Hannah Raisin, Dangerous Melbourne ‘community information evening’ by Paula Van Beek.

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