Field Theory – a new model

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One problem constantly discussed in this blog is the funding difficulties of live art.

The Inter-Arts office of the Australia council is doing some great work supporting initiatives that have a live art focus and are leading panels and conferences on the form. Indeed their support of the upcoming Visible City project at Melbourne Fringe is a prime example.

It is the hope of lala that in the future this continues to build.

In the meantime, a few practitioners in Melbourne decided to try and create a model of support that was not just about one way giving but was about an engagement in a larger community, an exchange…

Field Theory is the name of this project and the website and blog are here and here.

The idea is both simple and complex…

– 4 Projects are currently under development
– Anyone from the general public can support the projects by pledging $100, thus becoming a ‘Field Theorist’
– The $100 goes into a pool of money which will be evenly distributed to the projects in order to make their works
– Each of the four projects will design and create a gift and send it to each Field Theorist
– Through the attached blog the Field Theorists will be able to track the progress of the work they have supported.

Field Theory is an experiment, in its own way it will ask a question of the value of art and the value of art that can’t be valued. If there is already a philanthropic market out there for landscape paintings, and there has been a relationship between investors and film projects then is there the same market for ephemeral performance/installation/participatory artworks? Perhaps the sellability (made up word) of these projects is that they are boutique and don’t belong in a commodifiable context.

But at the core of it is a want to support live art and to create an exchange of both dialogue and ownership between audience/viewer and maker.

Field Theory will be capped at 200 lucky people and will close for this cycle on the very last day of June.

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