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Three things have happened in the last month that I think will forward the discussion around Live Art in the country and region…

The first is Visible City, I won’t go into it as I was intimately involved in the project and it really is for others to speak or write about in more depth once they get their heads around it. The archive of the work is here. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading the audio from the two Salons which took place as part of the project – the first around the topic of Live Art in Australia the second around criticality and rigour in Live Art. These discussions were recorded by Sally Ann McIntyre (NZ) and are a great resource for all.

The second thing is that Jason Maling’s piece Inbetweenness has been selected to appear in Live Art Almanac Volume 2, this is a great coup for Jason and also for lala which is where it was ‘published’. It is great to see some local content in that UK publication. We will let you know when it finally rolls off the presses!

The third is that after a year of going it alone I have decided to open out the editorial team of lala to other voices, more varied practices and to other cities. So I would like to welcome Sarah Rodigari. Jen Jamieson and Amy Spiers to lala and look forward to their contributions and broadening of the dialogue and criticality of the blog. I will give links and biogs to them in a small moment…stay tuned.

Exciting times!

Martyn Coutts.

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